Thursday, 29 July 2010


Being travel to more than 40 countries in the world, I can say: "There are so much stories about my beautiful country Indonesia that I could share with people around the globe."

Indonesia is a country with abundant natural resources, inhabited by approximately 250 million citizens; with more than 17,000 islands in which some has no name still; and more than 450 local languages belong to the ethnic groups.

Hundreds of scarce animals such as orang utan, coala, java tiger, komodo still exist in Indonesia also various kind of rare plants that could make us all breathless by their beauty. Indonesia is among the most beautiful country to visit either for workings or leisure and most importantly for a vacation.

We can speak years and years about the uniqueness of Indonesia. However, in modern time, we better enjoy the story from the slides, because time is so precious and it is more effective if I show you Indonesia from the audiovisual facts.

Every part of Indonesia has a beautiful natural landscape, a gracefully GOD gives to our nation. Some part yes I must admit is bold because the jungles was deforested by irresponsible people for illegal logging, some was partly damage because of natural disasters such as Tsunami that hits Aceh in December 2004, earth quake in Yogyakarta in May 2006, in Padalarang early of September 2006 and West Sumatera end of September 2009 as well as many other places after that.

But, do the country lost its beauty because of the natural disasters? Not at all, neither in the country sides that had experienced the damage, because not long after that, people work hard to recovered from the damage either by self initiatives, by domestic or foreign helps. Well sometimes it is even hard to recognize back if the place had ever been hit by flood or Tsunamy. It needs time yes to rebuild, but the country sides still have their beauty and extraordinary natural landscapes that we can enjoy till today.

So, why not trying to explore the beauty of Indonesia? The following short slides will show you a little part of what I said, but by visiting Indonesia you can prove it yourself. Dont they said: "Seeing is believing"? Bring along your family and friends and have a nice trip in Indonesia. Welcome.

Take a little of Your time and watch the slides. Thank you!

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