I have created this page, specially to publish most beautiful poems, especially those that have been written by my friends.

By: Shashank Garg, July 25, 2012.

I'm tired but I think you know
You have watched my weariness grow
You were here, you've heard me tell
The tale of my sorrow, of how I fell

Painful reminders clog my waking day
I yearn for this drudgery to end I pray
You have seen my strength recede
You have seen my will concede

Yet you have stayed like a lingering thought
While purveyors have been swept away
You float above in my imagination, immaculate
Beckoning me into the gathering grey

Is this a dream or my whimsy, I wonder
Or does your form in the winds waver
Yet tonight it is more firm, more true
This intimacy more enticing than ever

If I can just make it over the edge
My brittle bones will be laid at rest
I will be forever be free of this grudge
But my mind wills me another conquest

But I promise I will come, and soon
We shall be together in the midnight sky
We will dance as we will plummet, and swoon
And savour the up-thrust of life passing by

Till then, my one redeemer, I plead
Stay here, in my thoughts, wait for me
For the eternal peace, I need
I will come, forever yours to be

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  1. Shashank Garg is a young and very talented poet, whom I admire so much for his creations.
    Not only the language he uses is so beautiful, but each and every poem he wrote, has soul in it and presenting an occasion that he wanted to depict.
    His poems are so powerful; as I said, his poems are able to wake up the famous poets before him, raise from their graves full with curiosity.