Thursday, 19 May 2011

MY FIRST U TUBE VIDEO: Revive The Batak Culture

This video was made on 25 June 2010, during a fund raising program entitled "Revive The Batak Culture", to support the Maranatha Choir mission to Austria to compete in the World Choir competition that annually participated by various group of churches choirs from all over the world.

Members of the Maranatha Choir Indonesia, represented various ethnic groups in the country; however since the majority of Christian community in Indonesia is from Batak origin, therefore, some action had been taken to enable the Choir to go to the World Choir Competition by conducting a musical and fashion show entitled "Revive the Batak culture" for the fund raising.

Batak, which is consisted of 5 major ethnic groups: Tapanuli, Karo, Simalungun, Mandailing and Dairi are largely very devoted Christians, except Mandailing, where most people in this ethnic group is Islam.

This video shows a dance from Karo ethnic group, where I belong. I hope you enjoy the video. (Neneng Tarigan)

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